El 3uzubiyya + Cadenza (Bent el Chalabiyya)

"Bent el Chalabiyya" "بنت الشلبية" originally a folk song from Aleppo (Syria) 
called "El 3uzubiyya" "العزوبية". 
Purple Road Journey's concert (Oran, 2017) 
with the collaboration of the Cervantes Spanish Institute of Oran.
The second part is a Cadenza I composed trying to express my feelings about what is going on in Syria lately, Aleppo specially.

Piano: Mehdi Medeghri 
Bass: Paco Dicenta
Drums: Hassane Khoualef 
Flute: Ramy Maalouf 
Video: Lezehar Hichem 
Post Production: Rathkom Enaifes